Welcome to Kerala Curry

A made-to-order operation - Kerala Curry is NOT mass produced

We are a small family owned and operated business producing authentic, high quality Indian Cuisine from our gourmet kitchen in North Carolina since 2002. Products are made FRESH after receiving orders. Imported whole spices are slow roasted and ground in-house, blended fresh in subtle combinations for each dish, and cooked in small batches in gas fired kettles using the personal recipes of Ann Varkey.

Kerala Curry is different than restaurant food.

Our dishes are very much different than restaurant cooked food – each one of our dishes have its own unique flavor, taste and aroma – each sauce/gravy has its own recipe and we do not use the same sauce for different dishes. They are tastier, flavor rich, and healthier than restaurant made dishes. Our curries are 100% NATURAL, each dish has its own ingredients listing and nutrition label.

A Kerala Curry is produced in our own federally inspected USDA processing plant in the United States – NOT co-packaged.

We do not outsource our recipes to a third party contractor for production and packaging. We maintain high quality products by making each batch fresh, in our federally inspected USDA processing plant in North Carolina.

We produce 4 lines of Indian food-Retail Shelf Stable, Retail Frozen, Food Service Shelf Stable, and Food Service Frozen. We market to specialty/gourmet outlets under the Kerala Curry brand name. Our products are 100% natural and gluten free. The line carries many vegetarian/vegan options. None of our products contain: MSG, artificial colors, preservatives, fillers or corn syrup.

"I cook for you the same way I cook for my family-authentic,healthy,flavor-rich and tasty,using only all-natural ingredients."

Ann Varkey

Founder & CEO

Rollo Varkey
President and CEO
Kerala Curry