The legendary Indian spices - the spices that launched a thousand ships and many a war in the ancient world - now available in a unique blend that has, for centuries, stimulated taste buds and awakened spirits in the mystical land of the Vedas.

The aromatically rich ingredients of this product and the still richer expertise which blended them, come from the legendary coast of Kerala where growing spices and blending them in their intricately delicate combinations, has been a way of life for over 3000 years.

Spices used are fresh, roasted & ground in house.

All natural ingredients, NO Gluten, MSG, fillers, preservatives or artificial colors

Product of USA


A South Indian Curry Vegetable Marinade (Mild), a unique seasoning and marinade for your favorite Vegetable/Tofu

Seasoning directions: (use 1 tbsp Masala for 1 lb vegetable) As a Salt replacement: Sprinkle Kerala Curry Vegetable Masala to your steamed and boiled Vegetable.

Sprinkle and fry/broil your favorite Vegetable & Tofu with very little oil of your choice

Marinating directions: Curried Potato Fry: (For 1 lb Potato- use 1 tbsp Vegetable Masala, 1 tbsp Olive Oil & make paste)
Cut up Potatoes into 1" cubes, coat/marinate cubes with the Vegetable Masala paste, spread cubes on a baking sheet. Bake or broil until cooked.

2.25 oz Vegetable Masala will marinate approx. 8 lb Potatoes

Packaging: 15/2.25 oz bottles/case