Tomato and Vinegar based SPICY HOT curry sauce is ideal for the easy preparations of a number of spicy meat and fish dishes as well as it is an excellent grilling sauce and a marinade. Use 2-3lb meat, fish/shrimp for one 12 oz bottle.

All natural Gluten free product; NO MSG, artificial colors or preservatives. No fillers, corn syrup or modified food starch

Packaging: 12 x 12 oz

Product of USA

Cooking directions for Vindaloo Meat Curries: serves 6-8
Cook 2 lb of your choice of meat in 8 oz water, add the entire contents of Vindaloo Curry Sauce, simmer to desired consistency OR Mix Vindaloo Curry Sauce with 2 lb meat, 8 oz water and cook on stove top until meat is done & gravy thickens.
Slow-cooker: Mix 2 lb meat, 8 oz water & 12 oz Vindaloo curry sauce in a slow cooker, cook on low for 1.5 hrs or until the meat is tender. Serve hot with rice, breads & Kerala Curry Pappadum & Chutneys.