LOW SODIUM cooking/simmer sauce -No Added Salt

Kera-la, land of coconut trees; Kera Curry Sauce is a true representation of the famous coconut curry recipes from Kerala. Prepared with fresh fried coconut, this aromatically rich sauce is also an excellent marinade & grilling sauce.

Cooking directions for Meat & Fish Curries: serves 6-8 (Use 2 lb meat, fish/shrimp for one 12 oz bottle).

Cook 2 lb of your choice of meat in 8 oz water, add the entire contents of Kera Curry Sauce, simmer to desired consistency OR Mix Kera Curry Sauce with 2 lb meat, 8 oz water (or 2 lb fish/shrimp & 4 oz water), cook until meat/fish is done & gravy thickens. Serve hot with rice, breads, noodles & Kerala Curry Pappadum & Chutneys.
Slow-cooker: Mix 2 lb meat, 8 oz water & 12 oz Kera Curry Sauce in a slow cooker, cook over low heat for 1.5 hrs or until the meat is tender.

Egg Roast: serves 6 - Hard boiled eggs-6; Onion, small chopped-1; Oil-2 tbsp; Kera Curry Sauce-6 oz

Sauté onion in oil; when onion turns slight brown, add Kera Curry Sauce & eggs (slit eggs lengthwise), simmer (optional: garnish with Cilantro) & serve hot with breads, rice, noodles

Also ideal for Vegetable/tofu dishes: use about 3lb vegetable/tofu for a 12oz bottle of Kera Curry Sauce

Packaging: 12 x 12 oz

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